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New Improved
Herbal Henna Powder

Henna with Natural Hair Colouring herbs which prevents Hair Loss & removes Dandruff

Prevents Premature grey Hair, Falling of Hair, Dandruff, Thinning of Hair, for Natural conditioning, Colouring of Hair and for bouncing Hair.

How to Use:

Soak the required amount of Lee Herbal Henna Powder (as per Hair Length) in an iron pot with water. make thick paste and leave it overnight or atleast for 4 hours. Before applying, Shampoo your hair with Lee Herbal Amla+Shikkai Shampoo. Apply on hair in small sections with the help of brush and keep it on the head for 2-3 hours, for dark brown colour. Wash off gently. Oil  your hair after wash. do shampoo next day.

Apply Lee Herbal henna Powder every fortnightly to keep long silky-soft-shining hair.

For Darker shade make the paste of Lee Herbal Henna (in boiled and cooled) Tea/Coffee water


(Lawsonia inermis) Hair Conditioner-91%
Amla (Emblica Off) 2%
Shikakai (Acacia concinna pods) 2%
Bhringraj (Eclipta alba) 3%
Bahera (Terminalla belerica) 2%

Our immediate launching:-

  • Lee Herbal Awala Shikakai Shampoo.

  • Lee Herbal Aloevera Shampoo.

Both the products has been verified, tested and given clearance by our Research & Development wing to marketing department.


Lee Herbal Heena is truly International & a symbol of No Chemical & pure herb product

CEO's Desk

I born & brought up in the family of Environmentalists

Family Background :
My Grand father - K.R. Sankhala was Garden Superintendent and Father - Y.D. Singh was Zoo Superintendent , My uncle (Elder brother of my father)
Padam-Shree Kailash Sankhala
-Delhi Zoo Director, turned founder Director Of TIGER PROJECT,  popularly known as TIGER MAN of the India.

About Company:
Idea conceived in 1992, and Company formed & launched in 1994 with Global & Local vision



I Sincerely believe that there are three aspects of life

  • A dream (Journey and Destination).

  • Fire in the belly (Passionate Commitment).

  • Strict Adherence to Human Core Values.

I am lucky and proud to say that I could able to live as per my dreams.

There is a Japanese word 'ikigai' i.e. Sense of Purpose

My 'ikigai' to form a herbal cosmetic company:- We can live life -        A Beautiful, Healthy and a peaceful without pollution, if we  learn to Live with Nature.

Our Mission : To have personal, family and National progress and to generate Quality of people and products (with a special focus on Women's economic & social development)

Our Vision : is very clear to us that we and our people (customers, staff & suppliers) should be sensitive to local & global scenario i.e. we reinforce our purpose Lee Herbal means Live With Nature - A STEP FORWARD TO THE RIGHT DIRECTION AND TOP OF EVERYTHING ELSE WITHOUT POLLUTION.










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